Many Elephants Froze To Death During The Crossing of The Alps

Once, while trying to squeeze through a narrow hallway past my (at this point non-pregnant) wife, I...uh...I kneed her in the stomach. I was mortified, and reached down to help her, but burst out laughing when she grasped her belly and said, "Oh! There go my ovaries, down the tubes!" Imagine such a masterful pun being delivered accidentaly!

And something like that has just happened again. Our marriage is serendipitous!

The scene: Kimberly and I are settling down for the night, but she's reading, while I'm ready to snooze....but I can't pull the blanket up to a nice comfy position ('cause she's sitting up, and she's really round, I mean protuberant).

J: "Kimberly, my shoulder's cold. I wanted to pull the blanket up but you're in the way....and let's face it, whose comfort is more important here, yours or mine?" [the answer, of course, is "mine"]

K: "Well, if that's what you think, you can just have a cold shoulder."

Yes! Awesome! It was one of those moments where clouds open and angelic choirs sing down to earth to share their joy with man. And also it was serendipitous. But I said that.