Kimberly and I (+1) will be moving back to Gainesville, FL in just a couple of months, so here's this so that all our fans around the country can keep track of us.

Blogging has always struck me as being a bit egotistical (little sister says: you're eminently qualified), but its cheese sauce is better than the alternative. That's right: massive form letters "this is how the Smiths are doing this Christmas" are covered in the sort of cheese that covers nachos in stadiums. (Hi, Charla) The cheese on blogs is more like the crumbly bleu cheese one would select to accompany fresh figs.

Some people like stadium nachos; I might even like stadium nachos, but you'll never hear me admit it. I do like fresh figs.

So this blog'll (is that a great word,or what: blogg'll [rhymes with snoggle]) accomplish what a massive mail-out does, but with none of the ethos hit points and a higher count of the adulatory sort of company I always seek to surround myself with. Porquoi?: all readers will be voluntary.

This is a service to the community.