Journey To A War

In the interest of conserving space for the upcoming move, big daddy has been selling some of his books, particularly his military history stuff (sorry, Charles). Because of this, big daddy accrued $170 worth of store credit at Ball & Cross Books, and he's been buying some cool stuff (I'm still cutting my library's size, since I'm buying more expensive books).

Among my recent editions is a 1942 two-volume boxed set of Stephen Vincent Benet's poetry and prose, which includes "John Brown's Body" in its entirety, although I already have that particular work in a cool edition including line illustrations. I also picked up a newer biography of John Milton I'm really looking forward to reading.

Best of all, however:

I picked up the first American edition (1939) of "Journey To a War," by W.H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood for $75. Man, it's cool. It's a travelogue through China during the Sino-Japanese War...and includes some poetry at the end. I'm glad to own it.