Fat-Bottomed Girls, They Make The Rocking World Go 'Round

Kimberly & I spent Sunday afternoon in the pleasant company of Rich & Alaina Gall. After finishing off an imposing spread of appetizers, Rich and I moved to the porch in order to smoke Macanudo Maduros (provided by moi) and drink what was left (a lot) of a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP cognac (courtesy of Rich). I specify the suppliers of goods because I know only one enophile who's even in my dad's league: i.e. Ricardus "The Rooster" Gallus. The cognac was made from champagne grapes, and even came in a champagne bottle instead of the usual flat-bottomed dealie. It was therefore really, Ah meen rilly, rilly smooth and a touch sweeter than what I've had before.

Although not in the same order of magnitude, I thought the experience similar to that of my first time drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (at that abomination of a coffeehouse in Gainesville, Dg's…you know, I've had a JBM a half-dozen times and never paid for it? Thas' right. Uh-huh.). It is inevitable that in sipping it the sipper should say, "wow!" because it is so very smooth. I mean smoooooth. But…it's not very complex, and most importantly, it has no kick. How can a man who likes Guinness really get into Blue Mountain?

To a smaller degree, that was my experience with champagne cognac…smooth, daddy, but give me Courvoisier and its Queen Latifah curves.

Regardless, very fun times at the Galls.

Happy anniversary to them.