Beer Glorious Beer

One of the things I'll most miss about Moscow (the whole Northwest, for that matter) is the beer. All the good beers from back east, and many more besides! And most of the Christians drink as well (no, not just the reformed types), which is a refreshing change from the South.

Kimberly and I were at Denny's last night after I'd closed Bucer's up. This Denny's is in Pullman, home of the Washington State Cougars, so of course it had a bar. I decided I'd take a beer with my Meat Lover's Skillet, and upon inquiring into types o' beer on tap, was told the had (of course) Bud and Bud Light. The difference between the low-brow sort of setup here vs. in Florida is this: Denny's also had Fat Tire on tap. Now Fat Tire ain't the greatest beer in the world, but it's a few tiers above Bud, that's for sure (please note that tier is and anagram of tire). Here, if you go purt'-near anywhere with beer on tap, they've got something that's if not excellent, is more than palatable. For any of y'all in G'ville who haven't had Fat Tire, go buy some from Art at Steamer's. Tell him I'm coming home to him soon.

At least I'll be able to console myself upon arrival in Gainesville with some of Phil's fine Shiner Bock....if he manages to hang on long enough.