Despite All Our Skill, Worship Music Is Stupid

Never have the sciences been so able to support the arts as now. For which thank we all our God.

Never have our arts and minds been so shriveled and unable to live up to our abilities.

Why aren't our churches shaped to be beautiful? Look what this little old church does to this guy's voice as he sings a video game theme. And why are video game themes more beautiful than our worship music?



  1. I haven't had that experience in quite some time. All of our music at my parish is a capella chant and even though we're in a very utilitarian former-Methodist church building now, this is the architect's drawing of the inside of our new building that will be constructed within the next year:

    We've got 99 problems, but beauty ain't one.

  2. At least part of the problem is that we don´t build churches like that anymore - we build halls.
    Even some of the terrible "worship" music would sound great with the right accoustics and the right arrangement.



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